Product Range

-abrasive belts for wood grinding-

  • belts for wide-belt sanders
  • narrow belts for belt sanders
  • belts for edge grinders
  • floor grinding belts
  • belts for hand sanders

-abrasive belts for metal grinding-

  • narrow belts for rack grinders
  • narrow belts for centerless grinding
  • belts for wide-belt grinders
  • belts for finger grinders

-segment belts-

  • wide belts
  • segment polyester belts or combined belts
  • used for grinding of HDF/MDF and chipboard slabs, battenboards

-cuts with a velco fastener-

Cuts with a hook-and-loop fastener are used on orbital grinders and vibration grinders for grinding of wood and metals. For example, they are used in car repair for sanding of mastics and paints.

Cuts are made of various materials and in various shapes.

-abrasive rolls-

The abrasive rolls are a good helper for manual grinding of wood, metals and paints. Our rolls are produced both with a paper or flexible cloth backing.

-sanding cubes and sponges-

Sanding cubes and sponges are used for manual sanding of wooden profiles, edges, etc.

-grinding and cutting wheels for angular grinders-

The supplied grinding and cutting wheels are by Pferd and Tyrolit. Our product range includes wheels of various quality grades, suitable for working of all materials.

-cutting wheels for stationary grinders-

Besides standard cutting wheels, we are also able to offer wheels with special composition suitable for particular application according to customer’s individual needs.

-vulcanized fibre discs for angular grinders-

Vulcanized fibre discs are used in angular grinders especially for grinding of surfaces of metals, welds, edges, etc. The most popular are wheels with ceramic grain.

-shank ceramic mounted stones-

Shank ceramic mounted stones are used in foundries in the production of moulds. The supplied grades cover all material types.

-grinding wheels-

We also supply all grinding wheels for mechanical engineering, in standard dimensions and grades for grinding of tools as well as in tailor made designs according to customers’ requirements.

-lamellar wheels-

Lamellar wheels are suitable as an alternative to grinding and fibre wheels.

They are used especially for grinding of metals, welds, and surface treatment.

-locking-type discs-

Locking-type discs are made of abrasive materials on a cloth or fibre backing.

The most popular are the discs with ceramic and zirconium-corundum grain.

-pneumatic tools-

We offer a complete product range of manual pneumatic tools by US company Dynabrade.

-technical milling machines-

We supply both tungsten carbide and technical milling cutters of HSS for manual straight grinders.

We offer a wide range of shapes and gearing for optimum performance.

-supporting plates-

Our product range cannot leave out supporting plates that are suitable for clamping of cuts with a hook-and-loop fastener as well as plates of various hardness for vulcanized fibre discs, locking-type discs, etc.

-manual sanding sheets-

Sheets for manual sanding are made both in standard dimension of 230×280 mm as well as in special dimensions requested by customers. The sheets have a paper, cloth or non-woven textile backing.

-brushing systems-

The brushing systems are used for deburring after grinding of wood or MDF before painting. We supply complete solutions both for large processing lines and manual works.

-shank lamellar wheels-

We offer a full range of shapes and dimensions. The wheels have cloth lamellas, non-woven fabric lamellas, or combined.

-contact wheels-

Performance of a grinding belt can be optimized by choosing the right contact wheel. Hardness, grooving and material of the contact wheel is adapted according to the material to be ground.

-abrasive pastes-

The right composition of abrasive pastes helps achieve mirror gloss of painted surfaces. The products are used e.g. in automotive industry or in the manufacture of furniture.

-polishing discs-

The cloth discs are recommended to be used after the application of abrasive pastes to achieve high gloss of various surfaces.