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Dobrý den, velmi mě těší, že jste zavítali na naše nové webové stránky.


Thanks to the European Regional Development Fund, the Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Innovation Program, we opened the BRIDGE TRAINING CENTER in September 2017. It is a high-end […]

-not only that we grind, we already stick-

We have recently included in our assortment adhesive tapes of various tips. You can find packing, masking, aluminum, foam, magnetic, reflective, ptosmodic, corridor, textile and glasstextile, […]

-we start our own production of locking-type discs-

It is up to us to make the production processes of our customers as effective as possible. Custom production of quick-release discs brings the advantage that […]


BRUSIVO spol. s r.o.  has been operating in the market of abrasive materials for 25 years already. Having been originally a small family-owned business, it has developed into a company with the greatest production volume in the Czech Republic that has a prominent name in the international market, too.

Because our aim is to provide our customers with products of the highest quality possible, we have been a general partner of TYROLITfrom the very beginning of our wholesale activities. We also process and supply abrasive materials of the following brands: EKAMANT, VSM, PFERD, TYROLIT, SUNMIGHT, and BIBIELLE.

Our assortment covers a wide range of products available as standard as well as special orders produced according to individual requirements of our customers.

In 2001, we started the production of endless abrasive belts. At the beginning of 2003, replacement of machinery was carried out and at present, we are able to bond both wide and narrow belts. The belts are produced on modern semi-automatic high precision machines ensuring high quality of joints.

At the end of 2005, we started to import high quality abrasive materials on a backing from the Korean manufacturer SUN-MIGHT.